Q. Pro Inspections & Technical Services Ltd. (Asia) was established in Taiwan since year of 2003 and then developed the network into China. The mission of this Company is trying to link with all the reliable inspection affiliates in Asia to provide mutual supports in order to establish a satellite operation through companies in those key countries under Asia Pacific Region, including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Northern & Southern Asian Countries to serve the Customers need.

This Company is primarily focused on providing Inspection, Surveillance, 3rd party Quality Audit type of services for various commodities including Commercial Products, Hydrocarbons, Chemicals, Pre-shipment Inspection, Bulk shipment (Agricultural & Mineral) and Marine related vessel/cargo survey activities.

In addition, Q.Pro (Asia) can provide technical consulting and engineering resolution services to assist their Customer on their Supplier Chain management such as product outsourcing resources searching, FAI audit & product inspection, and supplier quality system audit services. In this particular area, Q.Pro (Asia) offers vendor shop inspection, Equipment physical inspection and/or tests witness per agreed ITP against its purchase order, equipment drawing/specifications and industry standards for the required industrial equipment applied to Petrochemical Complex, Environmental & Energy/Power related construction projects and Aerospace related Industries.

The Executive Director (CEO)

Kevin Sung

with over 30 years Engineering and Quality working experiences, is the Founder of establishing Q. Pro Inspection & Technical Services Companies from Taiwan, China and linked with Asian affiliates to provide an easy access, professional and consistent quality services to meet Customers needs through out the area of Asia.

Services Missions

Missions for Q. Pro Asia

* Meeting Customer’s requirements & Expectations

* Effective Coordination & Fast Response

* Accountable & Reliable Partnership to Customers

* Professional Services with Solutions Suggestion

We care about every single assignment. !!


General Commodities Inspection (Pre-shipment Inspection)

This is a basic containerized Products specification verification, Quantity count and Visual Quality, Packing and Marking Inspection before shipment to ensure the Ordered Products are meeting the Order requirements with no defraudation. Normally it is covering Container Loading supervision.

  • Pre-shipment Inspection & Products sourcing inspection.
  • Container Loading or Discharging supervision.
  • In-process & final products inspection & expediting.
  • Functional & Performance test witness.
  • Supplier Pre-qualification & Pre-award audit.
  • Vendor developing & Sourcing of suppliers.

Quality System & Process Audit, First Article, Production Sourcing

Based on the Customer’s needs, representing Customer to evaluate Vendor’s Quality System implementation level, Process Capability Audit, First Article Inspection for acceptance and even implementing Sourcing Inspection based on each Production Lot at Vendor’s premise.

  • Vendor Quality System Assessment & Process Capability Audit.
  • Vendor Order Progress Expediting.
  • Vendor System Supports and First Article Inspection.
  • Special Process Audit.
  • Products sourcing inspection.
  • Functional & Performance test witness.
  • 3rd Party Laboratory Test Analysis arrangement.

Industrial Projects Management & Equipment Inspection

Services for Petrochemical Complex Refinery, Power Generation, Mining main equipment Inspection and Test witness per International Industrial standards including Transformer, Motor, Pumps, Valves, Piping Products and Steel Structures welding & coating fabrication supervision.

  • Pressure vessels & rotary machines and materials inspection & expediting.
  • Welding /Coating technical inspection.
  • Quality system consulting & training.
  • Materials test witness and evaluation.
  • Technical engineers support & FAI Inspection.
  • Functional Test Witness and Final Packing Inspection for Release.
  • Special Process Audit.

Aerospace Industries Training & Inspection Services

Focusing on Original Equipment Manufacturer’s quality requirements to perform documentation review, FAI Inspection, Special Process Audit and necessary Quality System Training and Inspection Approaches in order to meet Customer expected Product Release Requirements.

  • Aerospace Quality System Review and Audit.
  • First Article Process & Product Review and Assessment.
  • Vendor Evaluation and Special Process Audit.
  • Quality System Consultation and Product Release Training.
  • Inspection Techniques Instruction and Checklist Development.

Marine Surveillance & Damage Survey

Services are including Machine & Hull, Draft & Condition Survey and Cargo Damage Survey. Typically will be employed for Cargo (Steel Rolls, Steel billets, Bulk stuffs) Loading and/or Discharging supervision.

  • Various dry cargo loading & discharging operation supervision.
  • Draft and deadweight survey.
  • Cargo weighting and quantity ascertainment & Sampling Services.
  • Vessel on-hire & off-hire condition survey.
  • Hull & machinery related damage survey and cargo salvage.
  • Cargo damage investigation under insurance policy.
  • Warehouse & Storage Facilities Survey.

Supplier Chain Management & Solutions

Provide quality technical supports and trainings to assist the Suppliers to establish their minimum quality requirements either in their system manual or inspection approaches applying in their manufacturing process to meet Customer’s minimum expectation.

  • Sub-Tier Suppliers selection approach.
  • Approved Vendor List maintenance & surveillance.
  • Purchase Order Q-Code development & implementation.
  • FAI Requirements flow-down and Training.
  • Critical Characteristics variation management.
  • Root Causes Analysis and Implementation.
  • Supplier Corrective Actions Implementation and training.


Under the Q.Pro (Asia) Group there are three (3) independent Companies established in key geographic areas:

  • Q. Pro Inspection & Technical Services Company ………………Taipei, Taiwan
  • Q. Pro Inspections & Technical Services Ltd ……………………… Hong Kong
  • Quality Technical Services (QTS) Ltd.……………………………..……China

Each of the above Companies is an independent entity with a distinct mode of operations and core business focus. In addition to these Q.Pro (Asia) Group companies, we also maintain an affiliate network with our partner Inspection & Survey companies working together with Q.Pro to provide a Regional coverage to our customers. At current moment, we are covering Companies in Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Iran, UAE.

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Kevin Sung

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E-Mail  :  kevinsung@qpro.asia

Judy Sung

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Shary Yang

Mobile  :  +886 937 101 908

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